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Review the options below and submit the form. at the bottom of the page.

If you're in Canada, contact Weston Instruments for your order (

If you're in Europe, contact Joakim Eide for your order (

Identify Bridge & Neckplate Type

Please look at the bridge and neckplate photos below and make sure yours is compatible. Most 4-bolt, 3-Bolt, Slanted and Contoured Neck Plate versions are available as are most 3-Saddle and 6-Saddle versions.  We have tried to make the Bender universal but, if in doubt, contact the installer, as bridge and neckplate styles other than the classic 4-Bolt /3- Saddle might affect the price. 

Choose Pull Down

While the Glaser Bender is convertible and can be moved between 'B' and 'G' strings (2nd or 3rd position), indicate on which string you would like to have it installed.

Select Throw Length

The Glaser Bender can be factory set as a short, medium or long throw.  Please indicate a preference. If there is no preference indicated, it will be installed as a medium throw - by far the most popular.

Pickup or Shipping

Local pickup is free (TN Sales tax will apply). Otherwise, UPS is our default shipper. If this is unacceptable, list your preference of other Shipper for return - FedEx or USPS etc. A flat packing, handling, shipping cost of $60.00 will be charged (within the U.S.). Insurance and/or expedited shipping will be extra and must be requested in writing by the customer.

neckplate and saddles

Fender short, stainless, square saddle with offset intonatio screw


Traditional 3 saddle, brass, forward mounnting screw


3 saddle brass mounting screws behind string holes


6 saddle, American standard, stainless, offset intonation screw


Gotoh style, 6-saddle, forward mounting screws


6 saddle, stainless, bridge screws behind string holes


6 saddle American Standard, black chrome plated


60's traditional 3-steel saddles

IMG_9714 2

All thread saddles with custom threaded Bender saddle-end


Traditional 4 screw neck-plate

Double Bender

Double Bender

Contoured Bender Neck Plate

Neck-plate for contoured body


3 screw "triangular" neck-plate


Neck-plate for contoured body, black chrome plated

Start your Bender Order

Fill out the form and select your preferred options. We will respond within 48 hours to finalize your options and schedule your ship-in or drop-off date.


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Bridge Type
Bridge and Neckplate Type (Select one of each) Call if needed!

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