To schedule a bender installation online, select your bridge type, preferred 'B' or 'G' pull, string gauge, installer, and date

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identify Bridge type

Please look at the illustrated bridge types below and make sure yours is compatible. If in doubt, call the installer as bridge type affects the price and whether the Bender can be installed on your instrument. 


choose Pulled string 

While the Glaser Bender is convertible and can be moved between 'B' and 'G' strings (2nd or 3rd position), indicate on which string you would like to have it installed.


Select throw length

The Glaser Bender can be factory set as a short, medium or long throw.  Please indicate preference. If there is no preference indicated, it will be installed as a medium throw.


Indicate your string set

Please include an extra set of strings in your case when you ship, or indicate your string set (we provide $6/set), as it is usually not possible to re-install the old set of strings. 


Pickup or shipping

Local pickup is free. Otherwise, UPS is our default shipper. If this is unacceptable, list your preference of other Shipper for return - FedEx or USPS etc. A flat packing, handling, shipping cost of $50.00 will be charged (within the U.S.). Insurance and/or expedited shipping will be extra and must be requested in writing by the customer.


add contact info 

If you ship, please include a note with your name, address, phone number and email address. If you drop off in person, we will collect this info. 

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