Glaser Bender OEM Projects


In the early 1980s we started making 3 pu Teles with Benders - what soon came to be known as the Nashville Tele. One of the earliest to adopt this was Brent Mason who brought in his great idea of a mid pu blend, an all new way of sweetening the bridge pu sound. Fastforward to today, and we're proud work directly with Fender on their Brent Mason Telecaster complete with a convertible Glaser Bender and that breakthrough wiring.

brent mason fender bender.jpeg
friedman logo.png

Friedman has been making excellent T-Style relics for years. We collaborated with them on a limited run of Vintage-Ts complete with the convertible Glaser Bender system installed right here at our shop in Nashville, TN.


Dan Blom has 25 years of experiance in Vintage Guitar repair. With his wealth of knowledge he began to make great T-Style Guitars many of which feature the Glaser Bender. Here is his E.B. Rooster #64 Whiskey Pine T-Style with Bender.