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GLaser Bender Logo Revised Final.png
GLaser Bender Logo Revised Final.png

The Glaser Bender - smooth, in-tune, and lightweight.

Convertible B/G Bender - Starting at $650 

Acoustasonic B or G Bender - Starting at $650

Double Bender - Starting at $1150

(Non-traditional bridges and slanted/contoured neckplates may be extra.)

Typical turnaround 1-3 days

Glaser Convertible Bender in action:

Brad Paisley (G-Bender), Kenny Vaughan, and Mike Campbell (B-Bender) show us some bent licks on the Glaser Bender.

How does a Glaser Bender sound?
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Glaser Double Bender in action:

Jimmy Olander of Diamond Rio does a deep dive explanation of the Glaser Double Bender. 

Acoustasonic B/G Bender

Joe Glaser explains the Acoustasonic B/G Bender.